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10 Ways to Boost Mental Health While Aging

A senior woman meditating in the midst of nature to boost her mental while aging.

Our mental health becomes increasingly important for our overall well-being as we get older. Seniors often face unique challenges as they age, such as retirement, loneliness, and declining physical health, all of which can have a negative impact. However, by taking proactive steps to boost mental health, seniors can improve their daily activities, relationships, and […]

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What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A group of 5 senior men and women sitting together on a couch laughing and having a conversation in their independent living community

Aging in place is ideal for many older adults, but factors like medical needs, socialization, and memory loss can get in the way. As we age, our care needs fluctuate and we may require more support.  A continuing care retirement community helps seniors find the right balance of independence and care.  Senior living communities are […]

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